Nokia 1208 – The Most Basic Mobile Phone

Nokia 1208 is the most simple mobile telephone you may have – – nothing less, nothing more. The exteriors too are straightfor  ward – in color of red and black.

what is good in it is good for high school going or college going scholars or folks who don’t have any prior awareness of mobile phones. Still, there’s nothing to protest as far as functions of this mobile phonephone are anxious. 65k CSTN colors are bright enough to give god background colours when one uses this telephone. The dimensions of the screen or main panel is 96 x 68 pixels, 1.5 inches, 29 x 23 mm – sufficiently good to for wallpapers and themes. The total dimension of the mobile phonephone is 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc. Weighing just 77gms ; it’s easy to carry too.
The phonebook of this mobile can carry 200 entries at a time. For call records it can keep a record of twenty dialed, 02 received and 20 missed calls. It has a built in memory of 4MB, god enough to keep records of calls and some amount of info. For mobile calls, it has a speakerphone with 2.5 mm audio jack. Android cell phone cheap
FM radio and three embedded games are pre – installed for anytime entertainment.
The standard battery is Li – ion 700 mAh ( BL-5CA ), which gives a stand – by time of nearly 365 hours and a talk time of seven hours – pretty good enough for a school goer.


One can buy this reduced cost mobile telephone which comes for just Rs 1498/- from any of the leading web shopping stores like where you may have these at a more reasonable price than their market cost. For additional details, check on the internet site. Nokia 1208 – The Most Basic Mobile Phone

Samsung has launched plenty of different phones across the United Kingdom before.  They know how to make a phone that changes the entire situation of a country.  However, one of their latest phone announcements has completely changed the way that many people will use their i5700 Galaxy Spica.  This mobile phone is going to be the first mobile phone to support DivX high quality video!  No longer is it necessary to convert video from DivX before putting it onto your phone.  It is now plug and play ready so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want to.

While watching that DivX movie is nice, you are not going to be able to do it without something really powerful under the hood.  That is why it is necessary to have one of the fastest, if not the fastest, mobile phone processor in the industry.  That is right, the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica includes the 800 Mhz mobile phone processor.  This will help you to use the phone for watching videos and other high computing activities.  Do not worry though, this processor can take a lot of work before it will go anywhere near dying or overheating.  The engineers at Samsung were very particular about how they designed the processor and phone so that it would not overheat.

Nokia 1208

Android 1.5 is included with the Samsung i5700.  While this is not the newest version of Android out of the box, it is still something that will allow you to accomplish many of the unique tasks that Android was built for.  One example is being able to browse Youtube.  While you are able to use DivX on this Android phone for the first time, you can always go back to the old standby of Youtube.  Simply watch any Youtube video that you want, from anywhere that you have mobile phone service.

The one downside to this is that not all areas have fast enough mobile phone service to where you can get a decent amount of bandwidth.  This leads to people becoming angry when they cannot finish their Youtube clips.  While then Samsung i5700 will do in a pinch, if you plan on consuming more than two Youtube videos, you are much better off with a traditional computer.  It will save the bandwidth on the network and give you a much better user experience.


Email is another important feature of the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica. Without email, you would not be able to communicate with your office and inform them of all of the important activities that are going on around you. Google Chat is another useful Android tool that will allow you to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers who need your help. Remember that while all of these tools have good intentions, you can use them in bad ways. Just make sure to use all of the Android applications with respect and always try to download a new one for fun from the Android Marketplace. They have a wide selection!