Samsung’s new Android on O2 – Samsung Galaxy i7500 Phone


Following   the launch of the first Samsung phone to feature the Android OS, the Samsung Galaxy also known as the i7500 on Orange deals, this fantastic new handset can now be connected to a range of O2 pay monthly tariffs.

This latest network launch for the Galaxy means that consumers buying the i7500 Galaxy now have double the number of contract deals to choose from including some exciting free gift options.

Originally released on Orange earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy has been filling the mobile phone forums and sent the blogging nation wild as it is officially the first phone from Samsung to feature the Google Andoid operating System.

Not content with being the thinnest full touch screen Android phone on the market, the Galaxy is a gorgeous piece of chic kit too. The massive 3.2inch AMOLED touch screen provides bright and crystal clear images allowing you to easily navigate the phone’s uber friendly user interface.

The web is at the heart of all Google’s products so a fast internet connection is essential to get the best out of this new Samsung phone. The Galaxy is well catered for offering 3.5G HSDPA Mobile Broadband download speeds at up to 7.2Mbps, alongside HSUPA for high speed uploads at up to 5.76Mbps. WiFi is supported as well as A2DP Bluetooth for stereo wireless audio streaming.

The Samsung i7500 Galaxy comes with 8GB of memory pre-installed whilst a 32GB MicroSD memory card can be added to store more photos, music and video. The Galaxy’s well featured media player supports a wide range of file types and the inclusion of a high quality 5MP camera complete with autofocus, LED flash plus GPS receiver allowing you to geo-tag your photos makes the I7500 Galaxy a remarkable first entry into the Android OS market for Samsung!

The main rivals to the Samsung Galaxy include the HTC Hero & G2 Touch plus the forthcoming HTC Touch2.

Although now available on two network operators the Samsung Galaxy is expected to be launched on further networks over the coming weeks.

Most famous smartphone producer HTC Corp. announced to launch more than 3 version of Google mobile in 2009. Last year, HTC had launched a great phone for G1 on Android based. There is an announcement to launch a smartphone for the second generation in the second quarter of 2009 also.

There will be more than 20 new more model of smartphone by HTC in 2009. The success of T-mobile G1 has increased the target 1 million units according to the HTC officials. It is one of the biggest companies in windows based mobile.


Google with G1 has introduced a new OS – Android. It is an open-standard platform for Google mobile. Currently, HTC is using Microsoft Corp.’s operating system so; terms & conditions allow launching no more than 20 models for the 2009 year including the android phones.

HTC’s market share has already risen to 4.3% in three months only. Sales of smartphone grew earlier up to 3.7%. HTC want to grow its revenue up to 20% in the 2009.

Chou from HTC announces that it will be a breakthrough in China this year after entering the Europe and U.S. markets with smartphones. The company wants to sale about double in 2009. However, the company already has announced that it will not give any figure of 2008 sales.

Samsung Galaxy i7500

HTC is going to acquire some more technologies and style also for smartphones and Google mobiles. The 2009 market for the touch-screen mobiles and iPhone will much difficult to get dominance. Last year T-Mobile G1, Touch Diamond, Nokia touch-screen and BlackBerry’s mobiles were not much effective to beat iPhone in there market. However, this year there are more mobile phones companies with newer style and touch-screen features to beat the iPhone.

There are many new mobile networks collaboration & acquisition also in the telecom industry but how effective will be HTC in the mobile market in 2009, no one knows.